August Summertime Fishing in Pass-A-Grille

August 22nd, 2016

The dog days of summer are upon us – and the fishing is great! Hanging out at Merry Pier with Juan, Mike, Roger, Kiven, Joe, Dick, Carter and the rest of the locals, we’ve been hauling in snapper – lots of snapper! Some big ‘uns, too. Along with grouper, snook, flounder, sharks, macks and more. See for yourself:

eel0813161133 fish0730161231a flounder0702161027 flounder0704161005 flounder0813161004 grouper0731160911 grouper0821161000 redfish0820160839 redgrouper0806161036 shaarkIMG_1107 shark0821161023b sharkIMG_1110 snapper0709160841 snapper0727161627 snapper0813160922 snook0626160836 snook0820161021 snookIMG_0440 snookIMG_0474 snookIMG_0476 snookIMG9518531

Fishing is Picking Up in Pass-A-Grille

May 9th, 2016

Spent the last few weekends fishing at Merry Pier in Pass-A-Grille. Plenty of glass minnows, but the whitebait and greenbacks have yet to make an appearance. As always, wind, tides and water clarity are big factors in how strong the bite is. Overall, it has not been spectacular, but the variety has been amazing, including gag and red grouper, snook, sheepshead, redfish, mangrove snapper, black drum, flounder, Spanish mackerel, lane snapper and more. Each week should continue to improve. A few recent catches:

drumimagejpeg_0 drumIMG950548 fillets16040995005 flounder0416160854 flounderIMG_0367 grouper0501160942 grouperIMG_0379 redfish0507160942 redgrouper0424160940 snapper0424161137 snookimagejpeg_0

Spring Fishing Starts Slow

April 11th, 2016

Once again, we’re catching a little of everything – but not a lot of anything. Variety has been great, with sheepshead, mackerel, mangrove snapper, black drum, snook, red grouper and flounder all making an appearance. Still no sign of bait, although the recently hatched fry are getting thick. Some highlights:


0312161037 drum0409160910 drum0409160910a flounder0403160953 guitarfish0320161142 snook0319160949 snook0319161012 snookIMAG0207


Freshwater fishing has been great this spring:


bass20160324952118491 bassIMG_0323catfishIMG_0328

Any Minute Now…

March 7th, 2016

Looks like the last cold front has blown through, and water temps should be warming over at least the next week or two. Soon, bait will return, and the predators will be right behind them. Meanwhile, things are slow, with the exception of sheepshead.

sheep0227160851 sheep0227161155 sheeps0227161157 bassIMG_0312 bucketosheeps0227160921

February 2016 Merry Pier Fishing Report

February 22nd, 2016

OK, not too much to report. There have been regular fronts, stirring up the water, dropping the temperatures and bringing howling north winds. So, fishing has been pretty slow. But, not so slow that I don’t have a few catch pictures:

drum22016 drum0116160915 flounder0220161223 fish0130160940 seabass sheepshead20160213_1128131 sheepshead0109160946 sheepshead0220161007 sheepsimagejpeg950 snappers1231151124

2016 Fishing Report – St. Pete Beach, Fl

January 11th, 2016

It’s been an odd winter so far. Bait finally left for warmer water, but small mangrove snapper are still hanging around – don’t remember ever seeing them this late in the season. At Merry Pier in Pass-A-Grille, there are tons of big mullet hiding under the dock. A few redfish and drum are still around, but not like they were a month ago. Sheepshead are biting strong if you have fiddler or mud crabs.

drum1213150934 drum1213151015 grouper0102160920 redfish redfish1205150923 sheepshead1226151115 sheepsimagejpeg950 snook1205150722 wiper

Thanksgiving Fishing – Flounder & Black Drum

December 3rd, 2015

Fall fishing is in full swing. Most (but not all) of the bait has moved south, and only a few stragglers are left from the hoards of mangrove snapper and mackerel that were so thick a few weeks ago. A few (very few) redfish, snook and grouper have been caught. But black drum and flounder have been on fire since the water turned cooler. The drum hang around the slips and under the dock at Merry pier, and will readily take a live shrimp (if the numerous puffers, filefish, and pinfish don’t get there first). Flounder to 20″ have been caught on mud minnows, root beer & white jigs, and live shrimp.

drum1114151008 drum1126150842 drum1127150926 drum1127151010 drum1129150842 drumIMAG0099 drumimagejpeg950 fish1128151316 flounder1115150909 flounder1122150847 flounder1122150847a flounder1127151109 flounder1128151053 flounder1128151152 flounder1129151122 flounderIMAG0094 flounders1127151133 redfish1122150927d

Tampa Bay Fishing Report – November 2015

November 9th, 2015

Bait is moving out, and fish are in transition. In South St. Pete Beach, mackerel are gone, snapper are getting scarce, and flounder are starting to show. A couple good cold fronts will bring in more typical November patterns, but the unseasonably warm weather has left fishing in flux. A few highlights from the last couple weeks:


ladyfish0912150831redgrouper1017150844flounder1108150809 drumimagejpeg_0 drum20151010951338541 drum1107150738 cobiaIMG951099

St Pete Beach Fishing Report

October 5th, 2015

Fall is in the air. At Merry Pier in Pass-A-Grille, there is still plenty of bait around. The snapper bite has cooled off, but some decent fish are still around. Flounder are showing up early, and this may be a banner flounder season come November. Gag grouper are still scarce, but keepers are coming up every few days. Black drum (big) and redfish (small) are around, but not exactly thick. Plenty of snook around, but the ones that are biting are all under slot minimum size. A few recent pictures:

drum1003151149 grouper0926150718 grouper0928150814a grouperIMG_0132 snook1003151140 snook1004150830 snapper0927151304 drum21003151148c