Labor Day Weekend Fishing

Well… got out to Merry Pier in Pass-a-Grille on Saturday and again on Monday. Saturday was slow, just a couple keeper mangos and the usual small grouper. Couple big hits from what were probably snook, resulting in a cutoff on the pilings. Overall, pretty slow- but, there was a whiff of red tide in the air….

 So, back to Merry Pier on Monday morning. Fishing was pretty much dead all day. Final tally- 1 grouper, 1 rat red, and an undersized snook. This is the first day in months that I haven’t seen a single mangrove snapper. But, back to the red tide- IT HAS ARRIVED! Everybody was caughing from time to time, and there was a pretty significant number of dead fish floating in the weedline. I saw dead catfish, pinfish, mullet, margate, and even 2 small hog snapper. The hog snapper were killed very recently, which would indicate that the red tide is out in the deeper water too. Not good.

 Still looking forward to getting offshore on the Getaway Thursday. The weather looks good….

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