Red Tide and Red Fish

So, a quick morning outing to the Merry Pier on Saturday. Ahh… Fall is in the air… as is the pungent odor of dead fish. There were literally thousands of dead fish floating on the outgoing tide. Not a pretty site- or scent.

 I figured fishing would be a waste, but had to make a go of it anyway. Sure enough, there were still some small mangrove snapper lurking under the dock. After catching 7, the bite slowed. Time to move. The tide was going out strong, so I set up on the north end of the pier, and let the select live shrimp drift back under the dock with a 1/4 oz. weight. Any snook home?

No snook, but a rat red ambushed the shrimp. Another shrimp- another redfish. Hmmmm… must be a school of them. Sure enough, one after another landed on the pier. A few may have been barely legal, but with all the red tide around, I was in no mood to clean fish. So back they went. I stopped counting after a dozen. All in all, a couple hours of fun, in an otherwise bleak setting.


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