Slim Pickens’

Spent Saturday on Merry Pier with Tim and Craig. The trash fish were in abundance, as we hauled in a steady stream of pinfish, lizardfish, small grunts, puffers, etc. The lone highlight occurred as I was reeling in a bare hook- a small Spanish Mackeral smashed it, the sole gamefish of the day. No sign of grouper or sheepshead, which is a little perplexing. A decent black drum came in on the Pass-A-Grill jetty.

I was over at Sunset Park, next to Woody’s, this weekend, and I did observe lots of small sheepshead, along with a couple preety big snook hanging in the current. Maybe that’ll be the target next trip.

2 Responses to “Slim Pickens’”

  1. LEANNE24 Says:

    puffer fish are amazing! I just love how they poof up like that! Spanish mackeral are in season now I here, they are good to eat!

  2. LEANNE24 Says:

    Go poofer fish!