An Interesting Weekend

Staurday, spent a couple of hours at the Merry Pier. The usual assortment of trash fish- but, there was a school of snook in the vicinity. Out of curiosity, I hooked a lizardfish in deeper water, and reeled it up to the dock. There, I let it swim around near the pilings, about 3 feet down.

Sure enough, a nice size snook came up from the depths, and looked it over. Wham! ‘Course, he had me in the pilings in a few seconds. I repeated this process several times. If only I had brought some heavier tackle.

Sunday, went out on Miss Pass-A-Grille for the half day trip. Took forever to get out 7 miles, where we made the first of three drops. Bagged a nice key west grunt, then we moved. On the second drop, I nailed a 20″ gag- fun on the light spinning tackle I was using. We moved again, and on the third drop, I caught a few nice triggerfish- which is what I was really after in the first place.

Saw a few people string a dozen or so fish, and I don’t think anyone came away empty handed. My only complaint is that we spent way to much time on a boat ride- I doubt we had 60 totla minutes of actual fishing. Maybe next time I’ll opt for the full day.

Anyway, I’m off to cook triggerfish. Here’s a great triggerfish recipe.

One Response to “An Interesting Weekend”

  1. Tim Says:

    Me thinks the recipe you provided out paces the boat trip.
    We need to make that trip down south, Steve.
    See you dockside soon.