Miss Pass-A-Grille Full Day Trip

So, Tim and I arrived at the Merry Pier bright and early Saturday morning for the full day fishing trip aboard Miss Pass-A-Grill. Hint #1- make reservations. We didn’t, and almost didn’t make it on board. Anyway, the slow, lumbering boat cast off around 8:30, and headed west.

Hint #2- Dress warm for a January trip. With the wind blowing and the temp in the low 60’s, it was a little chilly headed out (and, particularly, headed back in later in the day). We arrived at our first drop around 11:00, in 60′ of water, about 20 miles offshore.

A few small grouper and reef fish were landed, and it was time to move. This pattern would repeat for about a dozen drops over the next few hours. It seemed as if, just as the bite started, the engines would fire up and we’d be on our way.

A word about the conditions- it was l a little breezy. We had 3+ foot swells, and the boat movement was enough to make even hardened fisherman a wee bit queazy. Hint #3- straight shots of Crown Royal for breakfast = bad idea on a rolling boat trip.

So, how bout the fish? Between Tim and I, we managed a few keepers, including key west grunt, triggerfish and… a Hogfish, of all things! made for a good fish fry for the Divisional Playoff games on Sunday. We threw back a number of short scamp, red and gag grouper.

Overall, it was a fun trip- but not one I’m anxious to repeat any time soon. Much better to save up and spring for a trip on a private charter, and leave the head boats to the tourists.





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