Is it Spring Yet?

So, I have the need to fish. Headed down to Pass-A-Grille, figuring I’d take the half day trip on Miss Pass-A-Grille. It was breezy and chilly, despite the forecast. Both the Captain and the Mate warn me that it’s been really slow since the cold snap last weekend, but I fuigure.. why not?

On the first drop, I nailed a small grey snapper (aka key west grunt, aka white grunt). Normally, I’d have thrown it back, but- if it’s slow, I’ll take what I can get. Long story short, four drops later, and I’ve got is a squirelfish- so, I throw the sorry excuse for a grunt back, and head home empty handed. There were a few decent grunts, and a couple of triggerfish caught- even a short gag grouper- but that’s the sum totla for a couple dozen fisherman. Looking forward to March 17, when I’m off to the wreck of the Bayronto, and some serious fishing- for a change!!!

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