Variety- of the Trashy Kind

Saturday at Merry Pier was a wee bit frustrating- to say the least. With gin clear water, you could see snook stacked up under the dock like cordwood. They just weren’t chewing- at all. Nada. Plenty of sheepshead around, and the same story.

So, Sunday I headed to Joe’s dock on the Pass-A-Grille Channel side of Vina Del Mar (aka Mud Island) with ’bout 7 dozen shrimp and high hopes. Tossing the small shrimp out to a rockpile in about 20′ of water, it was only a matter of seconds before a hit- but the hits were from a plethora of pinfish, squirrelfish, lizardfish, and a few small lane snapper. One short gag eventually hit, but that was about it. Undersized sheepshead were abundant, but not inclined to hit- even when presented with barnacles and fiddler crabs. Altogether a pretty tough weekend for fishing.

The good news- I’ll be headed out to the wreck of the Bayronto out of Boca Grande on ‘Running With Scissors’ with Harris on March 3 and again on March 17. No luck inshore? Time to head offshore!

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  1. Kendal Novak Says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks, I had a great time reading your site.