March Madness

Friday was WAY too nice a day to spend in the office, so I hit Merry Pier in the morning, and didn’t leave till the evening. Loaded up with select shrimp and fiddler crabs, I was ready for a good day of fishing. And it was.

Catch of the day was sheepshead- big ones that succumbed to the fiddlers. There were plenty of smaller ones around, too. The snook were lurking, but not biting. Other fish caught were grouper, spanish mackeral, ladyfish (including one that HAD to be 5 pounds!), and the usual assortment of lizardfish, squirrelfish, pinfish, etc.

The water clarity was excellent, although there was no sign of bait. Strange. Anyway, top catch was a large redfish. Sunday, I head to Clearwater for some redfishing with Cap’t Homer, a 4th generation Tampa fishing guide. He caught over 80 redfish yesterday, so I’m anxious to see what we come up with.

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