Spring Fling Fishing

Saturday was the long awaited ‘Spring Fling’ fishing trip- and we couldn’t have picked a worse day! We left Punta Gorda Isles Friday afternoon through rain and a healthy chop on Charlotte Harbor. After an entertaining Friday Night at the Boca Grand Resort, we awoke to howling north winds. The origianl plan called for a 32 mile run offshore… but the bouys were reporting wave heights to 8+ feet. So much for that.

We stayed inside, making a brief stop at the old railroad bridge. Nothing happening there… so it was onward to the Phosphate Docks, an always reliable spot. Anchoring in 20 mph winds, with higher gusts, proved a bit of a challenge. Eventually, we nailed a ladyfish and a couple of decent sheepshead from the pilings, but the boat (and passangers) was getting beat up pretty bad, so we headed to a small island behing Caya Costa.

The wind was still pretty brutal, and depite a very fishy looking mangrove shoreline, we didn’t get a single bite. The run back to Punta Gorda was rocky, but eventually we made land again. Bit of a relief, too.

We still hope to get out to the Bayronto when the whether is better… perhaps when American Red Snapper are back in season. And when there aren’t 8′ waves…

Still, a very fun weekend, despite the fishing.

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