Springtime in Tampa!

OK, so it must be Spring- temperatures are in the mid 80’s, drunken spring breakers litter the beach, the top’s down on the convertible, the water’s up to the magic 72 degree mark… and the fish are starting to wake up after a very long, very ‘un-fishy’ winter.

Saturday was highlighted by a couple of decent Spanish Mackeral from the Merry Pier. Snook were lurking about, and the pilings were giving up sheepshead to those anglers using tube worms or fidler crabs. Sunday proved more productive, as I met my friend Cletus and his son “Q”. Cletus stocked up on fidlers, and we nailed a good half dozen sheepshead, although none were particularly large.

A spent a couple of hours hurling a Gotcha’ lure in hopes the big Mackeral would be back… but, no sign of ’em. There was a school of big ladyfish, and they provided a fun diversion.

Cletus had a select shrimp soaking under the dock, and he got nailed by something BIG. Two more shrimp, and 2 more break-offs. I’m pretty sure it was a snook that was pestering him. Looks like they may finally be getting hungry again after a long winter of lockjaw.

The bait was pretty thin near the Pier, although I have seen a couple decent schools of greenbacks in the Blind Pass area. Any day now, it’s all gonna bust loose, and we’ll be enjoying great fishing right through the Fall!

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