Egmont Channel Kingfish

There weren’t any. Plain and simple. The Spanish Mackeral were there, as were the big blue runners that kept attacking our slow trolled squid spoons… just no sign of the Kings.

I joined my friend Allen, who was in from Kentucky, along with his daughter Hannah for some ‘serious’ fishing on Saturday. Our plan for inshore redfish was a bust, so we booked the Getaway out of Pass-A-Grille for a 3/4 day charter. We probably trolled 3-4 hours with liitle to show for it. We made a couple of stops on some god bottom that was showing fish… but, all we managed was squirrelfish after squirrelfish. The flat line was untouched. We even found a huge flock of diving pelicans, and there were a bunch of dolphins busting fish on the surface. We worked the school for a half hour, with 1 spanish mackeral to show for it.

Despite the wind, the seas only built to 2-3 feet. The conditions were perfect, and we were pre-front. The Captain and Mate on the Getaway were, as always, outstanding. Everything was perfect… except for the fish biting. Maybe next time.

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