Inshore Variety

So, on Saturday I headed over to my friend Walter’s dock in Treasure Island for a little fishing and drinking. Tossing live shrimp into the channel produced immediate results, and surprising variety. One cast would be a Jack Cravelle; the next a mangrove snapper; and the next would be a big ladyfish. So it went… lane snapper, pinfish, catfish, you name it. We scraped some barnicles and dropped live fiddler crabs next to the dock, which produced a huge hookup, and a broken 20 lb test leader. Blak drum? Big sheepshead? Who knows, hopefully it’ll still be there next trip.

Sunday… was a bust. Spent several hours on teh East end of Corey Avenue in St. Pete Beach, in pursuit of the elusive sheepshead. They were there, alright. Every 30 minutes or so, I’d get a bite… with either no hookup, or a breakoff. Very frustrating. At least the weather was cooperative (wind was brisk, but not as bad as Saturday). Dophin and manatees were nearby. Just no fish!

If you can believe the 7 day forecast, looks like the winds may finally lay down next weekend. If that’s the case, I’m gonna track down a boat, and get offshore.


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