Macks & Jacks

Got in a few hours both Saturday and Sunday- nothing spectacular, just steady action. The spanish mackarel were cooperative, as were both large and small Jack Cravelle. There were a few sheepshead around, but they weren’t biting. I hooked a monster snook under the dock, but it made short work of my 20 lb. SpiderWire. Interesting, on the Merry Pier in PassAGrille, I caught several 12 – 15 inch gag grouper. Wonder where they’ve been all winter?

Looks like, weather permitting, next weekend could be some serious action. I’ve got several friends that’ll be in town, all wanting to go fishing. And I saw pictures from the Getaway – their trip Friday yielded an amazing catch of red and mangrove snapper, scamp, red grouper and gags.

One Response to “Macks & Jacks”

  1. Mckinley Bally Says:

    I love Mackarel, its healthy and slimming food. I have been looking for better ways to prepare this dish for a while. These days I make sure that the Mackarel that I buy is from sustainable fishing sources. Not mentioning Sushi made with raw fish.