Tampa Fishing Update

The small snapper have invaded St. Pete Beach. I fished Saturday and Sunday on the Merry Pier at 8th Avenue in Pass-A-Grille, and it was impossible to escape the small Mangos that seemed to be everywhere. While this is good news for this Fall, it’s kinda’ a pain today.

Mike joined me Saturday, and we caught at least 5-6 dozen fish between us. Most were… small mangos. Oh, there were a few 10-11 inch specimens, but not very many. Most ranged from 6-9 inches. A real pain. We also caught the usual suspects, a.k.a. pinfish, sand perch, filefish, Atlantic spadefish, etc. The highlight of the day was when a big seahorse swam by the pilings. I did hook 1 snook, but he cut me off in the pilings after a brief fight.

Sunday’s highlight was watching a 23+ inch Gag Grouper being caught on a cut Spanish sardine at around 8 a.m. It was a good sign- it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a keeper landed. Hopefully, there will be more soon. I did see a snook hookup, but, again, the pilings proved decisive.

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