Early Morning Tampa Bay Fishing

Somehow, I convinced myself that getting up at 3 a.m. to do a little fishing made perfect sense. Hey, the tide’s high, the current should be strong, it won’t be too hot… Anyway, I arrived at Merry Pier in the wee hours Friday night/ Saturday morning, to be joined by Mike.

Yeah, there were snook around, but I didn’t hook any. I was reminded that my cast net skills are woefully inadequate, but I did manage to net a few small squid. Mike and I caught plenty of smallish Mangos, with three keepers in the mix. Pretty good eating, huh Mike?

Anyway, the highlight of the outing was a large, glowing cloud that appeared in the Eastern sky well before sunrise. Everyone on the dock was speculating as to what it was, but it sure looked strange, lit up in the otherwise dark morning sky. Turned out we were seeing the launch of a Mars probe from Cape Caniveral. Very cool.

Sunday was more of the same, but with a later start. Lots of small mangrove snapper, a few keepers, some small grouper, and a couple of big hits that ended in cutoffs. It may be time to venture offshore soon….

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