Fishing… Catching… and Planning

Lots of great fishing last weekend… very little, though, in the way of catching. I was joined Saturday on Merry Pier by my fiance, “V”, for some early morning snapper fishing. We got a few, saw a few snook caught, and watched an amazing sunrise. A great way to start a weekend, but no fish for the cooler.

Sunday proved to be more of the same, as Mike and I plugged away… snookless. We tried to shake things up with artificials; a bit of beach fishing; we even hit the Jetty. Nothing (‘cept a few small snapper and grouper).

So, now the planning. Should I:

-Hit John’s Pass for big snook at sunrise?

-Try the mini-parks between 76th Ave and 79th Ave?

-Keep beating the dead horse at Merry Pier?

-Camp out on the beach for cocktails, sunshine, and surf fishing?

-Do Ft. Desoto; either wading the flats, or hitting the Pier?

-Stake out a spot on the Skyway?

-Something else?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Just leave a comment in the “Comments” section. Thanks!

One Response to “Fishing… Catching… and Planning”

  1. RWS Says:

    Load for bear.

    All your tackle, supplies, enough food and drink for 24 hours, ice, bait and livewell pumping.

    Don’t forget the extra rods, tackle boxes, nets, gaffs, sabikis and anything you might need to handle any species.

    Local knowledge plus plan A, B and C are requisite.

    Load everything onto a moving platform (boat) capable of hitting multiple locations and providing comfort, bathroom, fresh water, refigeration, comfortable seating, shade, and a shelter from stormy weather, should that be encountered.


    NOW you have everything you need for a tremendous day out on the water.