Fish, Rain & Football

Tampa Bay Snook

I hit Merry Pier at sunrise on Saturday, scored a few jumbo shrimp from the bait shop, and had some fun with the local snook population. I landed three undersized snook (to 24″), and lost a BIG one – probable over slot size. The current was outgoing, low and strong, and the fish were hanging in the spot where the Egmont Key boat usually sits. But, after an hour, the showers moved in, then the rain began in earnest, so I packed up and headed home.

Sunday was more of the same, without the rain. The fishing was a bit slower, though, and the snapper showed up, which put an end to using shrimp. And the snook didn’t display any interest in pinfish, so, after an hour or so, off I went.

Sunday night, we joined Tim for a little tailgating and the Buc’s game. The food and the company were great… alas, the game wasn’t, as the Bucs dropped to 4-4 when they couldn’t muster the offense to score a simple lousy field goal with 2 minutes remaining. Then, I watched the Rockies self destruct. Pretty rough weekend for sports, altogether (Florida, USF, The Lightning, the Dolphins – even my Murray State Racers all lost). Oh well- next time!


TampaBay Bucs


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