Snapper, Grouper and More


A good day’s work- red snapper, mangrove snapper, yellowtail snapper, vermillion snapper, red grouper, scamp, gag grouper, triggerfish and more. Another successful day aboard the Getaway, based at the Merry Pier in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Yes, it was quite a haul:

Grouper, Snapper, and More!

Only problem is that these fish were caught over a year ago- 9/9/06, to be precise. Tim, a professional photographer who was on the trip, came by yesterday for some fishing, followed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, and dropped the photos off.

So… how ’bout this weekend? Well, it was a wee bit slow. This slow:


There were still a few grouper hanging around. The bigger ones bit live pinfish just as the sun peeked over the horizon, highlighted by a 20 1/2″ (still ot quite legal). After a couple hours, it was little gag grouper- millions of ’em. They were everywhere, biting pinfish, sardines, shrimp- you name it.

We managed 3 keeper snapper, 1 18″ mack, and roughly one thousand smaller fish. Miss Pass-A-Grill, the local headboat, brought in a load of key west grunts around noon. They also had one big flounder, which seemed a little out of place among all of those grunts. I heard they nailed 6 keeper grouper the day before. As the water cools, the bigger grouper move near shore- I may have to take a little boat ride here soon…

4 Responses to “Snapper, Grouper and More”

  1. RWS Says:

    “As the water cools, the bigger grouper move near shore- I may have to take a little boat ride here soon…”

    Sounds like someone’s jonesing for an offshore trip.

    Maybe a combination bottomfishing & Kingfish extravaganza could be in the works.

    You know, those outriggers were never really broken in properly…

    Any ideas ?

  2. Steve Says:


    Jonesing indeed! I believe that red snapper season closes at the end of the month. The first official ‘cold’ front is moving through this weekend. Fall is in the air. What are we waiting for????


  3. Donna Says:

    So where would be a good place to fish from shore to catch the fish i go to the skyway pier but where around the Tampa area?

  4. Steve Says:


    Well, as you can see, I’m partial to St. Pete Beach in general, and Pass-A-Grille in particular. Lots of great spots around here to shore fish, as well as Jetties, Piers and Docks. Who needs a boat?

    If you could let me know what type of fish you’re looking for, I can give you a better idea of specific locations, times, baits and techniques. Just reply to this post with more details!