Pass-A-Grille Jetty Fishing

OK, so it was a slow weekend for fishing- the weather was amazing, mid 80’s with plenty of sunshine, so it was great just to get out. On Saturday, I rounded up the usual suspects at the Merry Pier, including small grouper, feisty Spanish mackeral, small snapper and flounder, and an assortment of various trash fish. I had a big pinfish out on the heavy rod for a couple hours, in hopes tha a big cobia might chance by, but no dice. From the rumor department, word was that a 23″ grouper had been caught a couple days before.

When Sunday started out the same, I figured I’d head round to the Pass-A-Grille Jetty just for a change of pace. The jetty was packed, and all of the prime spots were taken. Quite a contrast to Merry Pier, where there’s almost always plenty of elbow room. Anyway, fishing was slow. I caught a couple Mac’s, and I saw some small flounder and one big sheepshead pulled in.

By the way, here’s a tip if you’re going to be fishing in Pass-A-Grill in 2008. Stop by the St Pete Beach Police Department during busines hours and pick up a “B” parking permit.

“B” permits are valid at all meters within the city.  Both residents and non-residents are eligible to purchase these permits.  They are valid for the calendar year in which they were purchased and are valid at all metered spaces with the EXCEPTION OF THE COUNTY PARK located at 4700 Gulf Blvd.  These decals must be permanently affixed to the vehicles back bumper or rear window.

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