Hanging out at Merry Pier


Pictured above are the results of the Saturday full day trip on Miss Pass-A-Grill. Conspicuously absent are grouper, which are now out of season in Federal waters (i.e. 9 miles r more offshore). LOTS of grunts (aka grey snapper, aka key west grunts), and a few triggerfish. I understand that some decent grouper were released.

For those of us on the Pier, the weekend provided great variety, including Spanish Mackeral, gag grouper, redfish, flounder, sheepshead, filefish, puffers, squirrelfish, and more. I came armed with a bucket full of fiddler crabs, anticipating a big sheepshead haul, but I only landed a couple. Strange that they aren’t around- maybe in a few more weeks. There’s still plenty of greenbacks to be netted, though.

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