St. Pete Beach Fishing

Another weekend, rounding up the usual suspects at Merry pier in St. Pete Beach. Fishing was… steady, if not good. Amazingly, greenbacks remain plentiful, and a couple tosses of the net are all that’s needed for an afternoon’s fishing. There are plenty of select shrimp available at the baithouse, too.

Yes, there are still Spanish Mackeal around. I musta’ caught a couple dozen, although they were all in the 10-15″ range. Plenty of grouper still around, too, although they also are running on the small side. This marks the first weekend in recent memory where magrove snapper were absent. Still no sheepshead around, either- strange for February, especially with the water temps in the upper 60’s. And… where are the whiting?

The top catch was flounder. I caught about a half dozen, the largest at 15″, and destined for the frying pan. Anybody have any good flounder recipes they’d care to share? Please post in the comments section… thanks!

2 Responses to “St. Pete Beach Fishing”

  1. Harris Fernald Says:

    Hello Is there some great streams to find some bassin the area here or in the region,many of my friends have been hooking some in little smaller fishing lakes but I am looking for bigger water that have a good variety,if you have any ideas let us know,Ill be looking for more info. thanks

  2. web wilmington Says:

    Try this one out “Mediterranean Grouper”…Always rinse under cold water, then pat dry with a paper towel. Brush fillets with olive oil first, then salt, pepper and oregano lightly over the top of each fillet. Put on a piece of aluminum foil skin side down and bake at 350 for about 12 minutes depending on the thickness of each fillet. When the fish is done the skin will stay stuck to the foil and the meat will slide off. While the fish was cooking you were also boiling some spinach or other favorite greens. When the greens are done, “about 25 minutes” take them out of the boiling water. Strain thoroughly by pushing all of the water out of them using the proper kitchen utensil, be careful they are very hot. Pour olive oil over the greens. Salt, pepper and squeeze fresh lemon over the top and serve in a small salad bowl. Serve this meal with good crunchy French, Greek or Italian bread.