Anybody There?

Fishing was a little slow after the full moon, and the weekend storms didn’t help. So, I figured I’d check the statistics for Tampa Fishing. Do you realize that over the last year, this website has:

  • Over 60,000 Visitors
  • Over 125,000 Page Views

The average visitor spends 3 minutes, 27 seconds on the site. And, ranks for, and receives search engine traffic, for over 3,500 different search terms.

So, my question is…. who’s there?  It’s free to register. You can leave comments by simply clicking the “Comments” link following each post. So, make your presence known. Ask a question. Leave a fishing report. Share a seafood recipe. Point out a spelling error. Whatever.  Just stop lurking and join TampaFishing.Net!

2 Responses to “Anybody There?”

  1. dmkramper Says:

    First time on here, but we were out at the sea wall in Pass A Grille Saturday night and I caught something that looked like an angelfish but didn’t have the black stripe on it and the dorsal fin wasn’t as high or long. Any clue as to what I caught? We were out of luck on some live shrimp bait so we got some frozen shrimp. Didn’t work as well at first but the tide started to change and the current got moving about dusk and we started getting some bites. Tim caught a grouper, lots of mangrove snapper and pinfish

  2. Steve Says:

    Sounds like you had a good time. There are Atlantic Spadefish in Pass-A-Grille. Did it look like the fish pictured here:
    I’ve always had better luck with live shrimp than with frozen, but I’m glad it worked out for you. If you have a cast net, there’s plenty of fresh bait to be had along the seawalls.