Summer Fishing in St. Peterburg

This weekend was more of the same- lots of small grouper and snapper in Pass-A-Grille. A few jacks. But, nothing too spectacular. No tarpon. No cobia. No keeper grouper. Stay tuned till next week.

4 Responses to “Summer Fishing in St. Peterburg”

  1. schwa82 Says:


    Love your site, been reading all I can to hopefully pick up some tips for my upcomming visit. I’ll be comming back to PAG at the end of August and can’t wait to start fishing. I come a few times a year and always fish the wall, and of course Merry Pier. In the past I usually catch the same old stuff and have gotten pretty good at bringing in sheepshead when they’re around. The last few times I’ve come to PAG I tried fishing the small beach at the end of PAG (@ end of seawall ) don’t know if it has a name…I use a 1.5 – 3 oz weight, swivel, 8-12 in 30lb mono leader and live shrimp or frozen sardines. Caught several nice legal sea bass and plenty of 10-12 in. gags. I know the bottom is nasty down there because I always lose a lot of tackle to snags and the current. Any advice or tips for fishing that beach, is there a drop-off, what rigging would you suggest, or is that spot even worth the time and lost tackle? Any advice would be much appreciated.

  2. Steve Says:


    Thanks! If you’re referring to the beach on the East side, I have fished it a few times and nailed some nice pompano over the sand when the tide’s running. And it does tend to rip through there pretty strong. I wasn’t aware that there was structure out there… may have to shift strategies and toss a big pinfish out there. And, for grouper fishing, if you’re not losing tackle, you’re not in the right spot.

    There’s also a small beach on the very southern tip of P-A-G, by the Jetty. I’ve seen lots of pompano, ladyfish and jacks caught there. And rumor has it that permit show up from time to time.

    But… you’ll usually find me hanging out on the Merry Pier each weekend. Can’t beat it- plenty of fish, lots of bait, and cold beer just a few steps away!

  3. schwa82 Says:


    Thanks for your advice, I know the beach you’re talking about but have never fished there before, I’ll check it out for sure. I have’ landed a pompano on the other side of the jettie while surf fishing, 1st and only one so far.

    Any suggestions on how to prepare/cook them, the only time I tried pompano it had an oily aftertaste. Don’t know if it was the prep or just the natural flavor of the fish.

    Anyway, two more weeks and IT’s ON!

  4. Steve Says:


    Give me a shout when you’re on your way- I’ll be at the Merry Pier Saturday and Sunday.

    Pompano? Try one of these:

    Or my favorite, compliments of Emeril: