Anticipating Snook Season

The snook were ALL OVER the Merry Pier this weekend. Several dozen were hanging in the current, just in the shade of the pier, watching the schools of baitfish. As soon as a jack or mackeral would scatter the bait, the snook would zip out from under the dock, ambusing the baitfish. A pretty impressive sight:

Snook In Tampa

It’ll be interesting to see if they all vanish on September 1st. But, they are biting now, if reluctantly. Here’s a decent one caught by my friend Mike, a Merry Pier regular:

Mike\'s Snook

And, yes, there are still plenty of grouper hanging out, although it’s been a while since I’ve seen one big enough to keep. And snapper? Oh, yeah, they’re still thick and cooperative. Here’s the end result of a limit of mangrove snapper:

Snapper Fillets

One Response to “Anticipating Snook Season”

  1. bh90 Says:

    Hey just wanted to say we really enjoy your blog. Been reading every week for months now from the UK in anticipation of our 3rd vacation to st pete’s beach. Only 3 days left and still no snook, and from the look of this latest post i’m gutted we had a break from merry pier this weekend!

    Keep up the good work, Brad.