Rays Rule!

Rays Rule!

OK, so fishing was a little slow last weekend. And my report is a little late. Tim and I caught a couple snapper, a grouper or two, a single flounder and a lonely mac. Forget all that. The real story is the Tampa Bay Rays! I’ve got a ticket for Saturday night’s game Ray’s game RIGHT behind home plate. I’m talking 3 rows from the action. Wide leather seats, full free buffet & beer, private entrance… the works! Yup, I got lucky in the ALCS lottery, and I guess I hit TicketMaster at just the right time. GO, RAYS!!!


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  1. RWS Says:

    camped out in Houston says:

    GO RAYS !

  2. Luigi Fulk Says:

    Fishing is something that most of us like to do more than anything else. So it probably goes without saying that the best time to go fishing is whenever we get the chance! I can say for myself that even if conditions could not be worse, if I have time to go fishing, I’m out there, and I’m out there with bells on!