A Windy Weekend


Saturday’s weather was brutal, with steady winds out of the south at 30 knots, gusting higher. That, coupled with the new moon high tide, made for some tough fishing conditions.

Fishing the Merry Pier, I did manage a small snook, along with a gag grouper that was haunting the pilings. That was it. As the wind and waves picked up, and the conditions deteriorated, I headed for a more sheltered spot.


I had the distinct pleasure of fishing in Belle Vista with V, my better half. She caught a nice sheepshead within sight of the Don Cesar Resort.

Sunday was a rainout. At midnight tonight, gag grouper are back in season. I may have to plot an offshore trip soon.

3 Responses to “A Windy Weekend”

  1. terry brown Says:

    Looking forward to fishing the Merry Pier in June. I havent been to Passegrille in several years. Lots of good memories there. Hope to see you, I will be the guy with an unlimited supply of beer. Can you fish the pier at night?

  2. Steve Says:


    Night fishing is not a problem. In June, it can be a good way to beat the heat. Snook, sharks and trout tend to become more active after sundown. The lighting on the Merry Pier is less than ideal; but, it is adequate. Let me know when you’re in town, and I’ll join you for a beer!


  3. terry brown Says:

    I’ll be down there June 12-17. Wife and kids will be at the beach, I’ll be at Merry pier. My man boobs cannot tolerate sunburn so I’ll be the one with the coconut tree button down shirt and the Tractor Supply hat on. I’m a poor carpenter from Indiana who doesn’t get to take a vaction too often. Hopefully, with your help, I can catch enough fish to make a halfway decent size turd. My midwest fishing gear will hopefully be enough to catch what I need ,but I ain’t sure. The last time I fished the Passegrille pier area was 1995 and all I caught was a whole lot of hard feelings towards the creatures that stole my cut squid and sand fleas. I’ve got some Indiana cornfed venison tenderloins and beer of your choice for your troubles.