Return of the Big Redfish

The Merry Pier in southern Pinellas County was busy this weekend. Grouper, snook, snapper & macks were caught, although the sluggish tides made for some slow fishing.

The surprise this weekend was the return of the redfish. There were two caught, and both were over the slot, around 30″. Several big fish were broken off, either more big reds or perhaps big grouper.


The weather has kept me inshore for a while- hopefully the 4th of July weekend will be better.

4 Responses to “Return of the Big Redfish”

  1. jayt Says:

    Steve, nice report. I’d love to see a few reds come over the rail while i’m down! Rich told me that the key to night snookin this year has been lady fish, they are crushing them, big girls too. i’ll be bringing the heavy stuff and trying to lay the wood to a few of those plus sized breeders. while i’m down i’d like you to show me a few tricks to getting a few grouper from around the dock. i’ll be out there starting friday night the 3rd through the following friday night, oh and i’ll be out there all day everyday pretty much. any silver jenny’s around??

  2. Steve Says:


    Yeah, I’ll be seeing you soon. The silver jennys are around, although few and far betweeen. But Sunday, a guy caught a HUGE one – I’m talking a pound or two. Biggest I’ve ever seen.

    And, yes, ladyfish after dark are snook candy, unless the sharks show up.

  3. jayt Says:

    steve, last year the silver jenny’s would come in waves, i would catch as many as I could and keep them in a bucket because at some point they would be gone for a few hours. Hopefully there are enough around to cast net some. they are money during daylight hours. work better than grunts and pins in my opinion, or atleast last year they did.

  4. jayt Says:

    Hope the snook are ready! i’m gonna lay into them tomorrow night!!