4th of July Fishing in St. Pete Beach

Fishing conditions were great over the 4th of July weekend! The Merry Pier at 8th Avenue in St. Pete Beach was crowded with fisherman, with plenty of types of fish being caught. I saw mangrove snapper, snook, gag grouper, flounder, Spanish mackerel, bonnethead sharks and more. The water was clear, and the morning tides were unusually high.  Bait is becoming more plentiful, and larger, too.

There were plenty of kids around having fun. Here’s a nice mackerel landed by an enthusiastic young¬†fisherman:


Plenty of regulars were on the Merry Pier this weekend, including David from Denver, Mike for Michigan, Tim from Tampa, Cap’t. Joe, Cap’t. Dick, and more. JayT was down from Virgina, and tearing up the snapper:


The plan for next weekend is to fish the offshore portion of the 2nd Annual Mike Alstott Charity Fishing Tournament.

The Offshore Hustler came back with a nice mixed bag, including:


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  1. Contadora Says:

    You can tally me in for a Digg. Thanks for posting this on your blog!

  2. colin Says:

    do you go shark fishing