Fall Fishing in Full Swing

Tampa Bay is alive with bait, and the fish are very active. Variety this time of year is amazing. I spent 8 hours on the Merry Pier Saturday, and the bounty included legal gag grouper, big black drum, Spanish macks, snook, cobia and big flounder. Here’s Tim’s catch:


My buddy Mike frequently fishes Blind Pass around 76th Ave in St. Pete Beach. On Friday, he bagged a nice slot redfish, and a 20″ flounder:


5 Responses to “Fall Fishing in Full Swing”

  1. gregsdigitalphoto Says:


  2. aa Says:

    I’m moving to passagrille in Nov, very excited to take advantage of the excellent fishing steps from my doorstep. Florida ROCKS!!!

  3. Steve Seib Says:

    So Steve, what kind of fish are you having for thanksgiving? My wife and I are taking Wolf’s barbecued ribs and potato salad to her Mom’s down at Barkley Lake in Kentucky. Have a good holiday and go fish, lots of pictures please.

  4. fishing buddy Says:

    […] River. Mr. Neil writes, Thanks again for the top notch advice and guidance you gave my dad andFall Fishing in Full SwingMy buddy Mike frequently fishes Blind Pass around 76th Ave in St. Pete Beach. … to take advantage […]

  5. mike dipasquale Says:

    Okay Steve, Give away my top secret fishing spot…(lol) This will affect your clearence. Thanks for publishing this shot, I keep trying to get another for you but the fish won’t cooperate. One of these mornings… I spotted the snook running along the wall at noon today. Weird, huh? Great incoming tide but it’s really hot out there. Great site you have here!