Snook for the Grill

Between trips to Arizona and battling the flu, I was ready for a little dock time on Sunday morning. A full moon, coupled with a good incoming current starting at sunrise were good signs. I only spent a couple hours on the pier, but there were plenty of fish around. Grouper, ladyfish, jacks, macks, and small flounder were cooperative.

I was soaking a greenback in a sandy area waiting for a flounder when something big hit. A couple strong runs, a dash under the dock, wrapping around the pilings… I had my hands full But I managed to land my first legal snook of the season- a 30 1/2″ fish destined for the grill.

2 Responses to “Snook for the Grill”

  1. Steve Seib Says:

    about how much does that fish weigh and what pound test line are you using?

  2. Steve Says:


    It was a good 10+ pounds. I was using 65 lb test SpiderWire (braided line) with a 30 lb. fluorocarbon leader. If I had been using mono, I would have lost the fish immediately when he wrapped around the barnicle encrusted pilings. You need stout tackle when pier fishing!