Cold Weather Fishing

Seems like a new cold front has blown in every weekend for the last few weeks, making for very difficult fishing conditions. The forecast for next weekend doesn’t look any better, either. Blustery North winds, temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s and stirred up water make for dismal fishing.

I’ve still managed to get out a few times, but it’s been VERY slow. A grouper here, a sheepshead there. That’s about it. With the recent drops in water temps, though, the sheepshead should be moving inshore now. There have been a few decent ones around, like this one caught on Merry Pier last Saturday:

5 Responses to “Cold Weather Fishing”

  1. wot Says:

    What’s the fish kill like over there? With the cold water temps I expect there will be lots of dead snook.

  2. Steve Says:


    It’s bad. Real bad. In the last few days, I’ve seen dead snook, grouper, mullet, ladyfish, greenbacks, pinfish, pompano, catfish (LOTS of dead catfish), cowfish, silver Jennys, needlefish… you name it. Not a LOT of dead snook, though I’ve heard some bleak reports from Northern Pinellas County. The good news is that the cold snap is finally broken. I’ll wet a line tomorrow, but I’m not optimistic…


  3. Steve Seib Says:


    Just read about this in the Keys and came here to see if it affected you.

    Sounds like it could have a lasting effect all year. Have you heard anything from offshore deeper water fishermen?

    Steve Seib

  4. Steve Says:


    Still tons of dead fish floating by behind our office. Very sad. Not sure how they fared offshore, so… I’ll be checking firsthand Saturday. Heading offshore 40 miles or so in pursuit of amberjack, grouper and snapper. I’ll put up a full report after the trip.

  5. Benton Santy Says:

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