How ‘Bout Those Murray State Racers?

OK, so normally I’d be writing about fishing. This is, after all. ┬áBut, with yet another cold front pushing through, I didn’t even wet a line this weekend. So, instead I thought I’d give a shout out for the Murray State University basketball team. 22-3 so far, and looking very strong in most of their wins. Keep it up – March madness is just around the corner!

3 Responses to “How ‘Bout Those Murray State Racers?”

  1. H Says:

    we need to schedule SOMETHING.

    Only 2 problems to resolve, time and money.

    Please call me when you figure this one out.

  2. Steve Says:


    More time – fyi in 1 billion years a day on earth will be 30 hours long.

    More money – FL Lotto?

    Yeah, we need to schedule something. I’m still thinking full moon overnight Bayronto trip in June.

  3. H Says:

    For now it’s just too darn cold and windy for an overnight.

    March will be warmer but in years past, generally windy conditons prevail.

    Took your advice and have invested $2 in tonights Lotto.

    GAME ON!