Spring Fishing is FINALLY Taking Off

After the most brutal winter on record, Spring fishing on Florida’s Gulf coast is at last heating up. Bait schools are working north, with greenbacks and scaled sardines moving through the passes and frequenting the docks and piers. With the bait come the predators. Ladyfish, jacks, mackerel, flounder and even early sharks are now making an appearance in Pinellas County.

This weekend, the macks showed up with a vengeance at Merry Pier in South St. Petersburg Beach. Freelining live bait and casting flashy lures resulted in an almost sure hook up (or cut off) every cast. Most fish were running small, but there were plenty of 15″ and larger fish mixed in.

There are still a few sheepshead lurking around the pilings, but after a slow start to the year, looks like they’re headed off the beach to spawn. Meanwhile, everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the mangrove snapper.

6 Responses to “Spring Fishing is FINALLY Taking Off”

  1. Serge Says:

    Nice site and report. I’ll bookmark this site. I wonder if pompano still can be caught on the jetty these days.

  2. Steve Says:


    Yes, the pompano are showing up. They’ve been spotty at the Jetty, but some monsters have been caught at Blind Pass near Woodys.


  3. Jay T. Says:

    Steve, good to see your continued reports. I’ll be down the week before 4th of July this year, looking forward to catching up with you and the boys on the pier. Maybe get after some grouper, snook, etc. should be fun. Nice job on the macks.

  4. Steve Says:

    Jay T,

    Hey! Good to hear from you. Yeah, it’s been a LONG winter, and a slow spring, but by late June fishing should be ON FIRE. Looking forward to seeing you.


  5. colin Says:

    pompano are caught at the jetty more than the pier

  6. colin Says:

    so are spanish macks