The Bite Continues to Improve

Temps finally broke into the 90’s this weekend, and, despite the blustery wind, I managed to get in a bit of fishing. Although bait was scarce, the fish are becoming more active. The Merry Pier saw catches including grouper, bonnethead sharks, macs, ladyfish, flounder and sheepshead. I even caught a remora, of all things. A cormorant surfaced with a mangrove snapper- the first one of 2010.

I was targeting grouper using frozen sardines and live pinfish. And, hey, there’s always the chance a big cobia might be cruising in the area. Anyway, I got a few, up to 21″, and lost some bigger ones.

Of course, all eyes are on the Gulf, as the oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon continues to grow. I certainly hope St Pete Beach isn’t affected, but I’m not optimistic at this point. If, as predicted, it takes 90 days to stop the flow, we’ll be smack in the middle of hurricane season. Oil and water don’t mix; but… oil, water & hurricanes?

3 Responses to “The Bite Continues to Improve”

  1. Jay T. Says:

    nice groupa! hopefully the snook will be able to recover from the devastating winter, looking forward to catching a few.

  2. Heddon lures Says:

    What a nice sharing blog! I agree when water temp above 55’s they become more aggressive, but for grouper base on my experienced they tend to bite and took the bait right to their comfort zone. Which is mean, prepare for great line otherwise only stories left. Great blog and I’ll back for sure to read your update. Cheers

  3. colin Says:

    if you catch a remora that meams a big shark or ray is a round