Waiting for Snapper

As the action heats up offshore, Pass-A-Grille pier fishing remains slow. No snook. No redfish. And no snapper. They should have arrived a month ago! Sunday saw the arrival of some big greenbacks, so it shouldn’t be long. Meanwhile, short gags, short flounder, big blue runners and the ever-present macks provide some entertainment. With Fridays full moon, and the accompanying strong tides, things should bust loose soon.

2 Responses to “Waiting for Snapper”

  1. mike dipasquale Says:

    Hey Steve,
    Remember that new reel I got with 6 lb test? Yesterday I was trying to catch bait with a little gold hook and half a minnow when I got hit by a 36 inch SNOOK. I landed it! Wow, was that fun! It took ten minutes to revive before I got her back on her way. Wish you were there, I couldn’t get a photo. Good thing I had my new net, too. Have fun in Arizona… Oh yeah, the snapper are plentiful at my secret spot, but they’re still too small.

  2. Steve Says:


    WOW! Wish I’d seen that fight! Have fun, and… there are some BIGGER snapper down there. Trust me.