Winter 2012 Fishing

OK, time to catch up on my fishing blog. Went out in early January with Dick, Tim, and Joe. The target species was amberjack, so we headed to the surefire spot in 105 feet. First drop, first fish. Second drop, second fish. And so it went. The amberjack were big, hungry and plentiful. We tried a little bottom fishing nearby, but those pesky amberjack wouldn’t leave us alone. Joe dropped a finger size tomtate down on a size 2 hook and light spinning gear, hoping for snapper. Nope, he hooked into and landed a 30+ pound amberjack, after an epic fight.

We decided to give our backs a break, and headed for a ledge looking for grouper. As it turns out, the ledge was loaded. We nailed a bunch of 19″ red grouper, along with plenty of big gags up to about 20 pounds. See for yourself:

So, Saturday was gorgeous, upper 70’s and no wind, so I figured I’d join Miss Pass-A-Grille for the 1/2 day fishing trip. Good call! I ended up with 8 really nice grunts, which translated into a bag full of fillets. I saw tons of grunts caught, along with red grouper, gag grouper, triggerfish and porgies. If you haven’t been out on Miss Pass-A-Grille, I highly recommended it! Call ’em at (727) 367-9833 for reservations and information.

A few side notes – great company on Miss Pass-A-Grille. There is still decent whitebait to be netted at Merry Pier. Flounder have moved offshore, and sheepshead are JUST strating to show. Still a few Macks around.

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  1. sseib Says:

    Dude, a couple more 1/2 day trips and your going to start looking like Popeye. It takes big guns to crank in the big fish.