Spring Fishing Report

Baby Inshore HogfishOK, yeah, I’ve been slacking on my fishing blog. Work, out of town, under the weather… whatever. I’m back!

While weather conditions have been spectacular over the last couple months, fishing hasn’t been. Oh, sure, there are fish around. Flounder, redfish, grouper, Macks, black drum, sheepshead, ┬ápompano… you name. But, catches have been sporadic at best. The bait moved inshore a couple weeks ago, and there are good shows in Blind Pass and at the Merry pier – big greenbacks, too. Snook have been seen hiding under the pier, but nobody’s fishing for them since they’re out of season. The pompano run in Blind Pass hasn’t really taken off yet – some days they’re there, others… not.

Won’t be long, though. With water temps moving up and bait plentiful, I have high hopes for the coming months. And, I WILL keep you posted!

A few random catches:

Black Drum

Cooler Full of Sheepshead

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