Back to Merry Pier – Finally!

I have spent most of the summer in Arizona. Not many fish there, but plenty of rattlesnakes. I finally got to spend a little time fishing in Pass-A-Grille this weekend, and the fishing was GOOD! Plenty of small snapper, with a few keepers mixed in. There were a few flounder around, but they were way too small.¬† But the grouper were there! After I lost a monster on Saturday, I returned Sunday determined to catch it. I landed a 15″ red grouper using frozen sardines, then a 21 and 1/2″ that was safely released. Then came the BIG hit – this fish was taking drag, and I had the drag way tight. 80 lb test braid, 80 lb test leader, and a 7/0 circle hook¬†– and I was glad I was rigged heavy. The fish still managed to rock me up, and 15 minutes later, it wouldn’t budge. In desperation, I tried the old trick of strumming on the line like a banjo string. Sure enough, after a minute or so the fish bolted, and the fight was back on. Thanks to skillful net work from my friend Joe, I landed a 29″ gag grouper – my biggest so far from Merry Pier!

Big Grouper

29" Gag Grouper



Red Grouper from a Dock!



The Summer Mangos are Back!



That is One Big Gag Grouper!


Queen Snapper

And, if You Don't Catch Any, You Can Shop at the Merry Pier Fish Market. Queen Snapper Last Week!

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