The 2014 Tampa Bay Flounder Run Commences

Here it is, already December. The mangrove snapper have almost entirely moved on, except for the occasional one or two. Grouper season has ended, with very few in evidence (although they’ll probably be EVERYWHERE now that the season is over). Snook have sought warmer waters. Cobia are nowhere to be seen. So, what IS biting?

Flounder. Nice ones. And, when they turn on, lots of them. Soft plastics bumped slowly along the bottom are accounting for the most fish, although a big live shrimp will work too, if it can survive the puffer onslaught. Most of the fish are very solid at 16″ to 20″. I have not yet seen a true ‘doormat’ landed, but I suspect it won’t be long.

At Merry Pier is South St. Pete Beach, redfish have again moved in to the boat slips and under the pier. Most seem to be below or above the slot limits, but my brother landed a sweet 26″ red on Sunday.



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