Too Much Snook!

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Another weekend, and more fish stories. Tim returned to the Merry Pier on Saturday, but the cobia were elusive. We bagged plenty of medium size grouper, a few snapper, and some very healthy Spanish Mackerel. We saw an 18″ flounder caught, probably the best fish of the day. We had plenty of action early, but once the tide went slack, the bite died off.

Sunday, I figured to get in a little fishing before the Tampa Bay Buc’s game. I was nailing small grouper and snapper using netted silver Jenny’s and whitebait. As I pulled a small snapper out from the pilings, a huge snook nailed it. The fight was on! At first, she went away from the Pier, peeling off drag. Then she turned and rushed back underneath, wrapping around a piling. Fortunately, I was using 20 lb. test SpiderWire, so I was able to work the big fish out from the pilings and onto the dock. It measured around 35″, too big to keep. A couple of friends on the dock tried (unsuccessfully) to work my camera phone, so I have no pictures. But, the snook was released safely back into Boca Ciega Bay.

Other highlights of the weekend included a small 20″ cobia caught by Mike; a BIG cobia that broke Thao’s line; and plenty of rolling tarpon. Yes, it’s a good time of the year. Now, if I can just catch a SMALLER snook….